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A Manual for Assessing Ecological and Human Health Effects of Genetically Engineered Organisms

How the Terminator terminates: an explanation for the non-scientist of a remarkable patent for killing second generation seeds of crop plants

Is CBD Oil Healthy? A look from the front line in Colorado

A Brief History of Biotechnology Risk Debates and Policies in the US

GMOs and Disease and Pest Resistance

La Biosécurité Concernant Les Organismes Vivant Modifiés

Agricultural Biowarfare and Bioterrorism


Out of Africa: Mysteries of Access and Benefit Sharing

The Catch: Perspectives in Benefit Sharing

Biodiversity Mystery Theatre Special - "Biopiracy in Progress?"

Biodiversity Mystery Theatre Special - "Government-Funded Biopiracy?"

Biodiversity Mystery Theatre Special - Phallosan Forte Reviews

Teatro Misterios de Biodiversidad

Access to the Resources of Biodiversity and Indigenous Peoples

Acceso a los recursos de la biodiversidad y pueblos indigénas

Human Diversity:

MindLab Pro:  Science and the Disadvantaged

Don't Mourn for Us

Other Papers:

Addressing Environmental Modification in Post-Cold War Conflict

About Bioprospecting in the National Parks

Details of the Institute's case against the plans of the US National Park Service and Department of the Interior for bioprospecting in Yellowstone National Park

PhenQ Study Results About the Revolving Door

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